Kisumu Children Trust is dedicated to improving the lives of some of Kenya's poorest children.

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Kisumu is the third largest town in Kenya, with a population of 355,000. Kisumu Children Trust runs a 48-capacity orphanage in Tieng're, a village on the outskirts of the town.

Mission Statement

To provide disadvantaged children in the Kisumu region of Kenya with hope for the future within a Christian foundation.

The Kisumu Children Trust is a UK Registered Charity (1091477) which currently manages and supports the Cherry Brierley Children’s Home in Kisumu, Kenya, through the Kenyan organisation Kisumu Children Ministries. The Home seeks to change the lives of orphaned and destitute children by providing a loving, caring Christian environment in which the children are offered education and the opportunity to develop towards independence and self sufficiency.
We are currently offering hope and a chance for change to around fifty needy children in a purpose designed Home, officially opened on 28 August 2008 by Bishop Francis Mwai Abiero. Another 10 children are being helped through our home-based support system, and we are working too through our Community Development Manager and  members of the local community to provide further help for very poor and needy families in the locality.

Since 2002, children that have lost parents and family and faced lives filled with hunger and despair, have now become dress-makers, carpenters, nurses, teachers and more besides. Above all, they have self-belief and the skills to face the challenges of life in Kenya with optimism, hope and a Christian foundation.

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